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“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Spangler’s for a lot of years. She’s meticulous in does everything to perfection. We love how personable she is and appreciate that she cares about how we feel – her entire staff does! I used to be so nervous about going to the dentist and had many worries about my teeth, but I don’t anymore and I don’t feel uptight about coming to Clearwater Dental at all.” -Sandy B.

“Dr. Lindstedt is a former student of mine at UW-Eau Claire and I’ve been a patient of his for a long time now. He is the best dentist I’ve ever known and he gives me superior care without any hassle. He’s competent, compassionate, caring, laid back and friendly.” 
-Thomas J.


“Dr. Lindstedt is very friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. We’ve been coming to Clearwater a long time and appreciate how well the team at Clearwater takes care of our entire family, and how caring everyone is here.”
-Rick D.

“Dr. Lindstedt has been my dentist a lot of years. He is very reasonable and only does the dental work I need—never offering more than what is necessary. He makes all appointments easy, including the emergency ones.”
-Louise R.

“I’ve been a patient with this group since about 1985. I’m always comfortable here and always happy with the staff.”
-Carolyn D.

“Dr. Spangler is a great doctor and provides excellent dental care. I’ve been going to her for about six years. She is always extremely professional, concerned, and attentive.”
-Aron A.

“I’ve known Dr. Spangler a long time — first as my neighbor and now as my dentist. She has a very personal approach, and is always extremely attentive and professional. I receive the best service and care at Clearwater. I trust her implicitly.”
-Diane D.

“Dr. Spangler is thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable. I wholeheartedly trust her with my dental needs. I’m actually able to relax during my appointments because it just feels comfortable here. Not only have I been her patient for many years because she is awesome, but I also recommend Clearwater to everyone I know.”
-Kate N.

“The side-by-side care is great — a real time saver for busy moms. Owen is overly tentative and all of the hygienists at Clearwater are patient in waiting for him to get comfortable during appointments. They are all so accommodating, and I really appreciate that. My husband and I began seeing Dr. Spangler ten years ago and, of course, we feel it’s the perfect place to bring our family.”
-Lilly, age 8, Owen, age 6 and Ingrid, Owen and Lily's Mom

“When I was working in homecare, I took one of my clients to see Dr. Spangler. I was so impressed with how she treated my client that I started going to her myself. There are so many reasons to refer everyone to her, and I do! My husband and I go to the gym in the mornings and then to coffee group. Everyone in our group knows who she is, and she has even come to there to visit with all of us. The thing I love most about Dr. Spangler is her sense of humor and the vested interest she places in my dental health. My entire family sees Dr. Spangler and we all appreciate how she goes above and beyond our expectations.”
-Rosie T.

“Dr. Spangler is very caring and wonderful. I absolutely love her chair-side manner, and I appreciate her patient-centered approach. She is responsive to my questions and concerns. The whole experience is calm and relaxing.”
-Steph D.


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