Clearwater Dental’s Clear Card Membership

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No insurance? No problem! Our office offers a discount membership called the Clearcard Plan.

We thought of this concept back in Fall of 2016. A lot of our patients were calling saying they were losing their insurance, or insurance premiums were too high for them to continue. We wanted to be able to provide an affordable way for our patients to continue their dental care, and so….the Clearcard was born! At purchase, it saves you 20% off all preventative services includeded with the card. It last for 12 months from purchase date, and if you need any other work besides preventative – you will receive 15% off those services as well!

There are four options with the Clearcard; a Child Membership, an Adult Membership, and two options for the Periodontal Membership.

All plans come with two dental cleanings (or 2-3 periodontal cleanings), 2 exams, and 1 set of bitewing x-rays. The child membership also allows for 2 fluoride treatments.

The Clearcard has been a wonderful way to keep up with your dental health when insurance isn’t an option. Please keep in mind that the benefits must be used within twelve months of purchase, and it is NOT transferrable to other patients. We look forward to serving you!